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Basic windows command lines for ethical hacking.

To open command line. Go to start menu and type "cmd" without quotations. And it will start command prompt.

To go to C:\> drive type cd\

To create a directory type mkdir directory_name.
C:\>mkdir Isuru To insert some text into notepad.
C:\>echo Leann will come again. > leann.txt To list tasks.
C:\>tasklist To find specific task.
C:\>tasklist | findstr firefox To kill a task.
C:\>taskkill /PID 6880 /F 6880 is the process id. And /F will kill the task forcefully. To write all tasks into a file. C:\>tasklist > qwe.txt To change color of command prompt. C:\>color a To view all the files in your drive in tree view. C:\>tree To view ip information. C:\>ipconfig To ping any web address. C:\>ping To trace route. C:\>tracert Netstat This is to display the TCP/IP network protocol statistics and information. C:\>netstat To list the users. C:\>net user To delete the user. C:\>net user sam/DELETE